Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Heavy Metal Albums Arriving Soon From Affasia And From Skeletal Remains

The dark metal band, Affasia will release their debut album "Adrift In Remorse" on February 23rd through Transcending Records. The band has had a number of line-up changes before recording their new 4-track EP, but you can hear the chemistry immediately on the opening song, "Another Host." You can feel the intensity in the music and the passion in the vocals on "Dissolute" as Affasia breaks down the barriers of heavy metal music with the atmospheric tone of "Brittle Sentiment." They finish up their new album with the epic, seven-minute progressive metal onslaught of "As You Never Were." To find out more about Affasia and their latest release "Adrift In Remorse," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving in mid-April is the third, full-length studio album from the death metal band Skeletal Remains. Their new 11-song release titled "Devouring Mortality" begins with the high energy blast of "Ripperology" as the song's growling vocals and fast pace, should get your adrenaline pumping. They continue their onslaught with the swiftness of "Seismic Abyss" and "Catastrophic Retribution" as the band's years of experience is highlighted on these tracks. They keep the energy flowing through the electrifying guitars of "Grotesque Creation" and the machine-gun like drumming of "Mortal Decimation," before closing their new album with final bashing of "Internal Destestation." To find out more about Skeletal Remains and their latest release "Devouring Mortality," please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Hard Rocking Releases From We Are Band Nerds, Facing Fire And Black Map

What may sound like an odd name for a band, We Are Band Nerds, does not give enough justice for their brand of nu-metal music. The band's new album "Forget Me Nots" will be released on February 23rd through Pavement Entertainment and delivers a hip-hop/metal collaboration that follows the musical vein of Linkin Park and Rage Against The Machine. The new 9-song release begins with the high-energy, Eminem-like vocal delivery of "Hunger Games." They roll out the lyrics of "Whore" with a blasting chorus, before We Are Band Nerds look to incorporate elements of jazz and electronics into "Fake In You." The band looks to finish up their new release with the sonic blast of "American Trash" and the raw, grunge rock sound of "Fade Away." To find out more about We Are Band Nerds and their latest release "Forget Me Nots," please visit their Facebook page at

Hard rock band, Facing Fire will finally be releasing their self-titled debut album on February 16th through Pavement Entertainment. The album was recorded back in 2016, as the band shopped around for a record deal before landing with Pavement Entertainment in July of 2017. The new 4-song release begins with the aggressive force of "Dying Inside," followed quickly by the raw, chugging rhythm of "Filthy Life." Facing Fire will hit you hard with the shear force of "Overcome," before finishing up their new short release with the intense onslaught of "Fake" as the band leaves you wanting more. To find out about Facing Fire and their new self-titled release, please visit

Arriving last month was the new album from the Northern California rock band Black Map. Their new release titled "Trace The Path" features four tracks of blistering hard rock, beginning with the intricatestructure of "Let Me Out." They continue with the mainstream rock appeal of "Invisible Worlds," before finishing up their new short EP with the slower, melodic tone of "Why Burn." To find out more about Black Map and their latest release "Trace The Path," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rising Electronic Artists Pay Tribute To Fad Gadget & German Artist, Leather Strip Shows His "Appreciation"

Monday, February 19, 2018

Classic Recordings From The Choir And Chris Hillman Seeing The Light Of Day As New Releases

Arriving February 16th on Omnivore Recordings is the newly discovered unreleased album from the Cleveland pop/rock band The Choir. Recorded in 1969, it features ten tracks making their physical debut on CD. This album would have followed the band's successful 1967 hit single "It's Cold Outside," which earn them opening slots on tour with The Who and The Yardbirds. The Choir would disband a year later, in 1970, after their last single failed to chart. The band did reunite in 2006 for a couple of live shows in their hometown of Cleveland.

The album features 10-tracks of British inspired psychedelic rock like the raw, uptempo rhythm "If These Are Men" and the more dreamy feel of "Ladybug." The album also includes a spot on cover of The Kinks' "David Watts" as The Choir pay homage to their inspirations. The slow, piano ballad "Have I No Love To Offer" seemed ahead of it's time as it carries a progressive rock feel, which was a new concept in 1969. The new, unreleased album finishes with the swinging bass/drums groove of "Boris' Lament" and the British pop tones of "Mummer Band." To find out more about the newly released album from The Choir, please visit

American recording artist Chris Hillman has been involved in the music industry for well over 50 years. First as a founding member of The Byrds, then co-founder of The Flying Burrito Brothers and Manassas, before going solo in 1976. Hillman's first two solo albums ("Slippin' Away" and "Clear Sailin'") kept the idea of great harmonies and lyrics from his former bands, the central focus of his solo work. On February 9th, Omnivore Recordings released a new 20-track compilation of these two albums titled "The Asylum Years."

Listening to the music on these two albums, will certain remind you of how great of a singer/songwriter Chris Hillman is. Being surrounded by other great artists in his former bands, Hillman's seventies style of folk/rock shines on his debut album, "Slippin' Away." Songs like "Step On Out," "Falling Again" and "Love Is The Sweetest Amnesty" are prime example that Chris Hillman was just as great a solo artist as he was a member of The Bryds or The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Chris Hillman's second solo album, "Clear Sailin'" brought on a more rock and roll tone as the album was produced by Jim Mascon (Poco). Songs like "Hot Dusty Roads" and "Playing The Fool," mixed with the ballads "Heartbreaker" and "Quits" showcases more diversity in his songwriting as Hillman would not record his next solo album for another five years, when the landscape of the music industry changed in the 1980s. To find out more about this new compilation from Chris Hillman titled "The Asylum Years," please visit

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Check Out New Releases From Columbia Records Artists The Shins And MGMT

In March of 2017, The Shins released their fifth studio album titled "Heartworms," which cracked the top 20 on the U.S. album chart. Now, The Shins have done something a little unorthodox and reworked the entire "Heartworms" album into a totally new release titled "The Worm's Heart."

The new 11-song release begins with "The Fear," which originally closed the "Heartworms" album. The band has kept the lyrics the same for all of the songs, but supported them with a totally different energy that the music supports. They deliver a nostalgic eighties sound to "So What Now" and place a reggae vibe on "Half A Million," showcasing the band's talent for creating a number of different moods with their sound. The gentle, simplified feel of "Rubber Ballz" and the sonic blast of "Mildenhall" displays the wide variety of their music, before closing with the rolling rhythm of "Name For You," which kicked off the "Heartworms" album with a totally different tone to the song. To find out more about The Shins and their latest release "The Worm's Heart," please visit

American rock band MGMT recently released their 4th studio album since forming at Wesleyan University in 2002. The new album titled "Little Dark Age" was released on February 9th and is the band's first new release in five years. The new 10-song album begins with the eighties, pop-rock tone of "She Works Out Too Much" and the synthesizer-friendly "Little Dark Age." The addictive melody of "When You Die" gives the dark subject of death a lighter tone. MGMT experiment with the lyrical delivery of "James," before they return to their former selves to finish their new album with the nostalgic feel of "One Thing Left To Try" and the enticing melody of "Hand It Over." MGMT are beginning their U.S. tour in March. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their new album "Little Dark Age," please visit